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New Member (sort of)

Postby MJM » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:15 pm

New to this forum (sort of) was an active member of the old 'IntruderAlert' under the username "Myckle"
There was a lot of great people on there - that I've noticed are on this forum (ie: bronx, navigator, etc.) - that helped me when I first became an Intruder owner from the very beginning (how to do a simple oil change) to more complicated procedures (installing new clutch plates + springs). I look forward to helping newbies now too about 6 years later!! Time flys...
Currently, my bike is in dozens of pieces as I have torn her down to make a bobber and a new paint job - should be back together by the spring.
I just finished the rear fender today and will create another thread somewhere to show what I did with that.

This was the bike before the snow hit. 1992 VS800GL.
Runs great still (probably because 80% of the bike is new.

You might notice the passenger seat + rear turn signals are a little weird looking. What I did was cut about 1.5 inches of foam out of the maxipad to give a lower profile look and remounted the turn signals between the passenger seat and tail light using circle clamps and a piece or rubber hose to waterproof it: check it out


Anyway stay tuned for the finished product :cheers:
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Re: New Member (sort of)

Postby Forge » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:39 am

Welcome aboard.
L'Chayim! To Life! :cheers:

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